Milo Moon by Derek HainesThere seems to have been some confusion created by my intrepid little character Milo Moon. In recent weeks I have received a number of messages and emails asking if I am indeed Milo Moon. Where this notion came from is beyond me. I have also had some disturbing questions regarding our relationship.

Just to set the story straight, Milo Moon is indeed an odd little man, but he is now living a happy life in retirement in central Switzerland with his pancake cooking lady companion Mary. The rumours that have been spread about me visiting him every second Sunday are totally untrue as is the maliciously fictitious gossip about him getting drunk over dinner and spending a number of Saturday nights in my spare bedroom.

Milo Moon does communicate with the world on occasions via a proxy connection to my server, but this is as far as our complicity extends. As he has been travelling to all corners of the world in recent weeks, he does need the flexibility of a roaming connection, so I have been happy to oblige.

I did however receive a note from Mary saying she was concerned that his excessive travelling might have a negative effect on his fragile health, and that she had found a way to freeze pancakes. Milo though has not communicated with me directly in recent months, but has instead resorted to using innuendo in some of his remarks hinting that I may indeed be a nasty person.

With this little update I hope that I have made the situation clear. Milo Moon is not me. He has never slept in my spare bedroom. He does have a proxy Twitter connection which I do not control. I am not a nasty person.

Milo Moon Is Not In My Spare Room
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One thought on “Milo Moon Is Not In My Spare Room

  • 10/08/2010 at 3:42 pm

    Serves you right Derek. That's the thanks you get for conceiving him on the page, the ungrateful ingrate. Threaten him with the delete button and see what his reaction is. :)

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