AppleIt seems Microsoft are really in a spot of bother at present. Judging by this recent article, they are starting to understand a little about product popularity, corporate image and how to possibly avoid peeing off customers.

Mind boggling as it may seem, Microsoft now seem to have come to grips with the ‘it just works’ idea as opposed to their long standing belief that they were selling their products solely to motor mechanics and computer scientists who would happily tweak and repair all day long.

However the article doesn’t mention the closely guarded rumour that has been circulating my living room about a change of name for the once powerful Microsoft. But believe me the hunt is on at the highest levels to find a suitable fruit that will replace the now staid, mechanical, disliked, old fashioned, Vista infected name that was once a symbol of all that was megalomanic.

It is abundantly clear now that the tech world is fruit dominated, so the search started at the letter B. It also stopped at the letter B.

No sooner had the word BANANA hit the exec’s desk, it was accepted with relish as a natural. As common as an Apple. Sweeter, longer, easier to peel and with a whole lot more potassium. Who ever saw a mega-rich tennis player eating an Apple? No. They always eat bananas. Instant pool of high profile sponsorships and endorsement to be had by a canny, newly fruit named tech company.

It also had the appeal of being a staple food of monkeys. What better food could illustrate the tech product consumer. All lining up like monkeys to buy any new shiny gadget. Monkeys with money and an unending appetite for pretty little boxes with wires and stuff inside.

Plans are already afoot to open hundreds of Banana Stores around the world with plans to install airport like queuing systems to control the expected queues of monke.., err, customers.

Sadly though. In my efforts to verify my facts it became abundantly clear that there was a fatal flaw in the new rumoured grand plan. Banana don’t make pretty little boxes with wires and stuff inside. They make very ugly and totally invisible stuff that somehow gets loaded onto your computer and then goes about being incompatible with anything it meets.

Maybe Turnip would have been a better choice.

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Microsoft Follows Apple’s Fruit Lead
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