Mega StarIt has taken some time, but I am finally starting to see signs that my new career, which started by necessity in May, is moving. Not totally sure which direction, but moving all the same.

If you missed the start of my adventure, I had to close my business in May this year due to the knock on effects of the economic calamities that started to infected the world in September 2008. So I had a decision to make. Get back on the horse that threw me which was teaching, education and foreign languages? Or as I finally decided, find a brand spanking new horse.

The new horse (career) I chose was to become an international multi-media-mega-star! This involved reinventing myself as a writer, author, poet, musician, songwriter and satirist with a passion for living on my sofa and drinking copious amounts of beer. You may understand that this idea was not immediately seen as logical or practical by some of my advisors. My response to their negativity was to dig my heels in and set about proving them wrong. Or at least having a crack at international fame. Dream on!

Anyway, back to Nowsville! After a lot of waiting and beer drinking in recent weeks, my first book is now available from Amazon and has today been listed by Google Books. There are two more titles that were finally approved today, and will also be on Amazon and Google Books within two weeks.

In between time, three CDs of my music have been listed on Amazon in CD or download form. In addition plans are underway to have these available on iTunes, but this is a few months away I think.

And as a last note, I am thoroughly enjoying my new career, even if it has induced relative starvation, weight loss and a great deal of wear and tear on our sofa which is being used and abused currently to write my fourth book.

Details on all books and CDs are available here.

Mega Star Update
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