Martin ReavesMy name is Martin Reaves.

I am a writer, musician and singer currently residing in the lovely Sierra Foothills community of Auburn, CA.  I have been writing and performing for virtually every one of my 47 years (at least as long as I could talk and/or hold a crayon!).

I drifted into music through my parents, who traveled the country as part of a Southern Gospel singing group.  Although my tastes and style have drifted pretty far left since those early days, I still have fond memories of my Bluegrass roots.

I came to writing much the way most of us do: Through an addiction to the printed word.  Yes, if I was stuck on the john with nothing to read, the back of the shampoo bottle did just fine.

Words, words, words.  Their uncanny power to convey powerful emotions and images.

When I began mentally rewriting scenes and dialogue from books, I knew where I was being led.  I began by writing increasingly graphic and grisly short fiction; I was, after all, a student of Stephen King, Clive Barker, et al.  I loved horror, and still do, but my leanings have drifted more toward the evil that men do.  Which leads me to my first truly strong novel…

Relative Karma came about from a tragedy of infidelity in my own marriage.   That evil perpetrated by men was my own.  Though my marriage survived and even thrived (a testament to the tenacity of my childhood sweetie-pie) I was forever marked by what I had done.  And the looming horror of how life would have been had my dear one not taken me back haunted me.  I explored what that life would have looked like and threw the fetid mess into a book.  It worked well—well enough to spawn a second book, Relative Sanity.  People do ugly things; other people must deal with the fallout.  I seem to be onto something.

I will continue to write and sing at the top of my lungs and ability, whether anyone listens or not—because it is what I was made to do.  I dearly love to hear from my readers and hope to meet you all soon in one way or another.  Happy reading, my friends.

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Relative Sanity
Relative Karma

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