macbookWe had a friend stay with us recently, and it was quite clear he was a PC and Microsoft man. While there was no complaints about using any of our numerous Macs, it was clear he had no affection for them. Unlike me.

So why am I so in love with Mac?

There are some logical reasons such as no viruses or spyware. Well, not that I notice, care about or protect against. It’s a childish sense of innocence. Then there is the simplicity of networking in a household. Another winning point is fewer cables and nice neat boxes for wi-fi and external drives. Lastly, Apple makes upgrading anything child’s play.

That’s about where logic stops. I know I can buy a PC laptop for half the price of my Mac. I know they work. But somehow, they are just not ‘pretty’ enough. The don’t feel as ‘nice’ as Apple’s brushed aluminum or white plastic. I know I am locked into Mac software, and am limited in my selection. There are 1000’s of free PC programs on the net. Only a handful for Mac. I know I could replace my iMac desktop for peanuts with a PC.

But would my iPhone and iPod work as beautifully with PCs?

The problem I have is that all my expensive Mac products work beautifully and seamlessly with each other. (Well, 99% of the time admittedly.) I can close the lid of my Macbook, knowing it will be ready for me in an instant when I open it again. Even in two weeks time. You know, I can’t remember when I re-booted it!

The truth however is probably too simple. It’s about the ‘what I have is the best‘ mentality. I love my Macs because I use Mac. I have to, after all the money I have spent on them. And my friend has to like PC and Microsoft because he has spent so much money on his PC computers.

So why does my PC and Microsoft friend have an iPhone?

Mac Attack!
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