NyonI must be one of the luckiest people alive. Why? Because I am fortunate enough to live in a beautiful small city, Nyon. Located almost half way between Geneva to the west and Lausanne to the east on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. To the south are the Alps, and to the north, the Jura mountains.

Nyon is in the French speaking part of Switzerland, and is just a stone’s throw from France. Within a one hour drive from Nyon, I can change languages, cultures and traditions by traveling to the German speaking parts of Switzerland. A little further and it is Italian and Romansch. All these cultures blended into a country less than 400 kilometers wide.

While it would seem that I live in a postcard, which is very true, the real beauty of Nyon is its people. Warm, friendly, helpful and an unbelievable mixture of nationalities and languages. As the United Nations, Red Cross and hundreds of other NGOs are based in Geneva, many who work in these organizations live here in Nyon and commute the short 25 kilometers to work. A small price to pay for such an idyllic lifestyle.

With a small population of just under 20,000, it really is the ‘not too big, not too small’ city. With an abundance of cafés, restaurants, markets, antiques, museums, castles, shopping, gardens, music festivals, film festivals and pleasant lakeside walks, who could ask for more?

I really think I am lucky to live here.

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Lucky, Lucky Me
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