I wrote this little poem so long ago. Then I wrote an instrumental piece of the same name. Somehow not matching these words at all. Well, that’s me. Flying Often seen as a romantic dream, A wish to escape and fly. To far distant places, Of cities and races, To see and believe our own eyes. I have fled these shores gladly, Many times in my days. But one constant pain, Is sitting in planes, For hours and hours and hours. It takes a week, for an hour to pass, On a plane, in a seat, All squashed up, swollen feet. Cannot move, trapped and belted, Watching people, who never

Dead Men by Derek Haines

dead men by derek haines

Book Review by Mary Crocco of Dead Men by Derek Haines This is a story about the hell of divorce from the point of view of three men. They are angry, bitter, depressed, and lonely. They have lost their jobs, homes, and their children. Any money they eventually earn goes to child-support. They feel the Family Court favors women and they try to beat the system. These men did not exactly grow up in nurturing homes, which definitely adds to their outlooks on life. Within a few months, divorce turned three men into confused and bored women haters. David and Tony’s wives discarded them, both had cheated on them. Steve

The Day Of The Sloth


Some time ago, I wrote an epic piece promoting the idea of a World Day of Abject Laziness and how it could save the world. Since then however, I have had second and third thoughts about this noble plan and have decided to do some fine tuning to my idea. As with most marketing ideas, you need a good visual to make an impact. I’m thinking WWF and a cute panda here. So after lazily contemplating this idea while gazing at my own navel and indulging in a plethora of procrastinated hours, I finally came up with a very simple idea. I needed a cute animal to help me promote

‘February The Fifth’: Doug Adams Meets Dan Brown — Sorta

February The Fifth by Derek Haines

Review: FEBRUARY THE FIFTH (CreateSpace 2010) Author: Derek Haines A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … no, that’s a whole ‘nuther movie. This book takes place in the future. In a place that has no less than 12 sun systems. Twelve, as in the number of months in the calendar. Aha! The rulers of this empire comprised of the 12 sun systems are a Gregorian clan with names taken from said same calendar. Got that? :) In other words, February the Fifth is a person. In fact, February is the person who ends up becoming successor as the new “Supreme Potentate,” aka, leader of the empire