Just a Happy Normal Life


Just a Happy Normal Life  A simple wish it is true, and often said with much ado, But what is this that we all seek, and find so hard to live. The wish of very simple folk, and the not so simple too, To share a happy normal life with a partner who is true. To live a life, day by day, with trust and love and care, And feel the warmth of each other’s heart, and a willingness to share. A life where truth abounds, and there’s no need for deceit, A simple wish, it is true, but for many it’s a feat. A partnership, and dreams to share,

Vampire Fetish Fear


At the end of every day, late in the evening while walking my dog in the moonlight, I have been recently ever watchful. Keeping my eyes peeled for those loveable creatures of the night – vampires. Now you might think this rather odd, but there is a reason. I think my blog is being followed and tracked by a coven of sexy, bloodsucking vampire escapees from our local cemetery who now have a fetish for The Vandal. Now I I can hear you guffawing from here at my fear, but every morning, as is my ritual, I check how readers came to stumble upon my blog and every morning it


A Smile on the moon

Hope The glimmer of hope in a future unsure, Beckons to me with unceasing allure. Filling my solitude with thoughts so clear Of the love and the life that I hold so dear. The memories linger, of the gentle touch, And the smiling eyes I crave so much. Hands so soft, and a heart so warm, I dream of the day we can again share a dawn. Life can unfold in mysterious ways, All I can do is pass through the days. Living with hope, full in my heart, Of the day that may come, that we’ll never part. I will wait for that day, but not wallow in gloom,

Happy 720th Birthday

swiss cervelat

How do you celebrate your country’s birthday? So many traditions, so many countries. So with the numbers against me, I’ll concentrate on one country. Mine. Well, I have two, so I’d better be clear on this and point out that I’m talking about celebrating the 1st August, the National Day of Switzerland. Although I live in Switzerland, I was born in Australia, but oddly enough the major components of each country’s celebration are not that far removed from each other. Fireworks and – sausages! While in Australia we throw some ‘snags’ (sausages) on the BBQ, here in Switzerland we put on our hiking boots and head off to the forest, find