The Beauty Of Europe

I Can See Home

One of the wonders of living in Europe is being able to go on holiday and still see your home. Yet everything is different. I’ve just returned from a holiday in Savoie in France, less than an hours drive from my home in Switzerland and it was easy to think I was 1,000s of miles away from home. The wine from the area, which is not available at all at home was splendid as was the food. My favourite being Diots, a simple pork sausage but divine when cooked in white wine (Savoie of course) and onions served with polenta. We rented a small chalet in the countryside and did

Who’s Killing The Ebook Revolution?

Trash Books

The ebook revolution is dying under the deluge of rubbish that is being passed off as books. It may sound like a whole lot of moaning and groaning, but ebooks have in general not really helped author’s or small publishers’ income. Forget the outliers like Amanda Hocking, as these are rare instances of success.  Ebooks have in fact moved most of the profit in book sales to a few electronic distributors such as Amazon, B&N and Apple and killed street front bookstores with a sad loss of jobs. As I begin to write my next book, I really wonder why I am bothering at all. Quite honestly, I can make

Google Analytics For Writers

Google Analytics

Being a writer nowadays necessitates having more skills than just being able to spell and use the third conditional. Technology and the Internet have become so much a part of books and book marketing that it is impossible to avoid learning new skills. Writers now have to be computer literate and adapt to a rapidly changing literary world. Whether a writer is traditionally or self-published, there is no escaping the need now to promote yourself. Yes, yourself first, your books second. The three key facets of Internet promotion are Social Media, a well written and maintained blog and a website. But how do you know if you are succeeding? How do you

Fond Memories by Doyle

Doyle 1

One of my favourite painters is d’Arcy Dolye. While I like many artists, Doyle captures the essence of my youth in country Australia in his paintings and reminds me of so many wonderful memories. Enough said. So I hope you enjoy his art as much as I do.