Ebooks Are Not A Universal Success

Ebook Explosion

Don’t get too carried away with marketing your ebook all over the world, as the world hasn’t yet become universally Kindled nor Nooked. To be realistic about all the Amazon hype, ebooks are still predominately a US phenomenon. Yes, of course ebooks and e-readers are sold outside the US, but you can really forget about markets such as France, India, Australia, Asia and many other countries and regions where Amazon either doesn’t have a presence, or has yet to, or may never offer Kindles and ebooks. France is a great example. Amazon has it’s own large store there, but have not been offering Kindles or ebooks until just very recently.

A Greek Tragedy

Money Lenders

With the economic austerity measures now being inflicted on Greece, is it any wonder people are in the streets getting angry, and unfortunately now violent. When you take away peoples’ jobs, homes, pensions and hope, what the hell do you expect? Even in one of the oldest civilised countries in the world. The fault once again, as history has repeated so many times, it the ultra rich getting pissed off at losing a little money (that god of all things rational and good) and wanting its money back on their over enthusiastic lending. While Greece had a single Euro ( was it any different under the Drachma?) left in its reserve, there were

How To Survive The Economic Collapse Of The Western World


We all know that we are now entering a period of ‘times ar tough, things are hard, here’s your bloody welfare card’ type of economic recession bordering on a total collapse of the world as we know it. But there’s no use crying in your tea about it all and making a fuss. Screaming and yelling might make you feel good for a short while, but in the long run it won’t help you much, and really, you are going to need your energy for more important matters very soon. What you need to do is stay calm, become proactive and adapt to the new realities of good old fashioned