I Want To Confess My Fetish

A blog is probably not the proper forum in which one should open up and admit to one’s deepest secrets. Then again, I’ve never been good at rules. So I will share my deepest fetish secret with you. I cannot resist stupid T-shirts. My collection has grown over the years. Starting with your typical holiday variety of stock standard tourist issue and then moving into a free company donated walking advertising collection. From these humble beginnings, my fetish extended to concert memorabilia and then sporting events. It was at this point in my life that I knew I had an addiction that could require help to avoid my fetish becoming

The End of a Book


As a writer there is nothing I love more that burying myself in my characters and plot. Clacking away on my keyboard and leaving the real world do what it wants. Sometimes I can lose myself for hours on end and forget to eat and drink. However, there comes a time when the story telling ends, and the last chapter is written. I hate writing that last word. Because then I start to panic! I know what is coming next. Hours, days and weeks (sometimes months) of proof reading, correcting, editing and rewriting. On top of worrying, loss of self confidence, fear and a concern that the story doesn’t stand

My Memories of Doris

An Amazing Lady

It is rare that we are totally honest. Either with others or ourselves. This does not mean that we are all habitual liars. It is just that we all have a tendency to either leave things unsaid, omit information or create impressions or personas that are just a little false. We like to fit and be accepted, and shy away from being the odd one out. The small percentage of people who do not fit this mould are often referred to as radicals, marginals, extroverts or free thinkers amongst other similar labels. Those who seek to be one hundred percent honest in their opinions, feelings and way of life. Those

The Beautiful Adverb

The Beautiful Adverb

By far the most useful and beautifully flexible part of speech just has to be the wonderfully versatile adverb. It can not only describe a verb and an adjective but even another adverb. How incredibly super cool is that? How can a part of speech do something to itself? Look at the complexity of adverb use in the following ridiculously simple sentence. My wife eats quickly. When she is very hungry, she eats really quickly. Did you spot the adverbs? No, try again. My wife eats quickly. When she is very hungry, she eats really quickly. Or, try this? My wife eats so quickly. When she is really very hungry,