Being an author and may I say, an avid reader as well, I face a continuing conundrum. Yes, I would love to sell my eBooks at $14.99 like some of the major publishers are trying to do and live on a tropical island paradise, but then again, as a reader I refuse to pay the price for an eBook that approaches anywhere near close to the price of the paperback version.

So, when I become an eBook reader and consumer, I have to drop my capitalistic writerly dreams and get back to reality.  I love my Kindle; well not as much as my wife, my dog or a real book but no need to go there today. However, when I buy an eBook for my Kindle I’m choosy. Quality, reviews, recommendations all play a part, but at the end of the day I’m as reluctant as anyone to fork out dollars for something I’m not convinced about. I should say here that if I was THAT convinced, I would buy the paperback or hard cover version anyway.

With all this in mind and balancing my reader, writer and author hats, I’ve decided to see what this summer brings. We all know summer is the time for retail sales as most people are lost on vacation driving camper vans around the country or sipping cocktails by the side of a tranquil Caribbean swimming pool, so they need a good price to attract their attention. Well hopefully I can help you enjoy your evenings under the canopy of your camper van or sumptuous tropical Caribbean evenings, with a good book.

And cheap eBooks too. For the whole of summer, all of my eBooks are available for only $0.99 from both Amazon and Smashwords. (Other retailers will catch up quite soon, so don’t panic.) But not the free books! They will have to stay free now won’t they?

And at the end of summer? Who knows. If I could quote John Locke and say ‘every seven seconds someone buys one of my books’, I just might make summer last an awfully long time.

Enjoy summer and enjoy reading.


It’s Only An eBook
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4 thoughts on “It’s Only An eBook

  • 09/07/2011 at 9:41 am

    Just one question, mate, do you make anything out of the deal?

      • 09/07/2011 at 5:10 pm

        What? You mean that after I spend a dozen or more years pumping out a swag of killer novels and let all the kindle-kiddies have at em for under a buck a pop that I won’t be retiring in a nice lil Swiss villa?

        All my dreams, they is crushed, sir. :-(

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