Apple iPhoneWhat is it about the iPhone? I have had my little darling for more than a year now, and I am still in love.

I know more words have been written about the iPhone in the last couple of years than almost any other news worthy item. So, I am not going to comment on anything technical or geeky. It is just a fascination for me, as to why I am still in love. Yes, I’m a gadget freak, but no other gadget has held my affection for this long before. So what it about the iPhone?

For me, it is the shopping list. I use this little app more than anything else. Ticking off my items as I toss them in the caddy. Cool! The alarm. So cool. Waking to the sound of soothing harps each morning. And as it is by my bedside, it had received a full charge overnight, so as to be ready for my new day. Then there is the multiple level backgammon that keeps me occupied for hours. Notes? Did I mention that I can make a note of a bright idea in either text or voice?

Oh I forgot to mention maps. Now I never get lost. Email, SMS, MMS, and as a bonus it’s a great bedside lamp when I need a little visit during the night.

Photos of my grand kids. Always ready to show off to my friends. Train schedules. New York Times. Live cricket scores. I love the Zippo lighter. Impresses everyone. The Star Wars light saber. Oh so cool. Crappy camera, but then I am one who loves one button photography, so it actually suits me fine.

It’s a remote control for my iTunes too! Don’t have to move from the sofa. Great stuff. It’s just so cool my iPhone.

The only part that is a little strange for me is that …… I rarely use it as a telephone. Strange that.

I still jump in fright on the very rare occasions it actually rings!

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It’s Love!
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