When Derek asked the Indie Book Collective to guest blog, our first thought was *eek. As anyone reading this knows, Derek is a Twitter/blog superstar.
How do we live up to that hype? We are simply a bunch of writers who realized it doesn’t take a village to market a novel but an entire collective.

That’s when we figured out we had a lot more in common with Derek than we thought.

Looking over his 16,000 followers we realized that he too had brought together a huge number of people from all over creation to experience his little slice of the world. If you read his blogs you will see that he writes about everything under the sun, yet it all feels like Derek. Even his apparently wide flung guest bloggers still all make sense in Derek’s world.
We wondered: why is that? Because Derek understands branding. As authors, whether you are at the WIP stage or already published and promoting your book, Derek is a perfect example of how an author needs to find their voice and make their mark early in the book marketing process.
It reminded us of the old adage of feeling like a melting pot. But really the community that Derek has created is more like a salad. Many different components, each with their individual flavor yet coming together to create something delicious (sorry, we digressed. We haven’t had lunch yet!).
And that is exactly what we are doing over at the
Indie Book Collective. We’ve got paranormal romance, historical fiction, sci fi and even memoirs all under the same roof. No matter your genre, our mission is to help writers learn to market themselves via social media, blogging, whatever it takes…the #IBC is here to guide you.
While the collective may be spread over the world, writing in our own genres, that doesn’t mean we can’t all come together to help each other figure out this crazy world of Indie Publishing.

And thank goodness there are authors like Derek out there who have been on the cutting (may would say bleeding edge) of indie books, showing us that we can in fact, no matter where we live, no matter what genre we write in—do what we love AND sell our books.

Like we said. That’s a hard act to follow!

You can find the Indie Book Collective just about everywhere: Twitter, Facebook, Gro.ups, WordPress, GoodReads, LinkedIn, and our Website. If you are an author, or just dreaming of being an author, we are here with plenty of tips, tricks and tissues to help get you through!
So join us! We have
free workshops to help you learn social media, weekly blog talk radio chats to answer your questions live, twice-weekly blogs filled with great info from a plethora of authors (such as Derek) sharing their journeys with you (tune in for upcoming NaNo success stories), and much, much more.
So um, why are you still here?
No offense, Derek…

Bio: The Indie Book Collective’s founding members are author and social media expert Carolyn McCray aka @WritingNoDrama whose book Plain Jane by Cristyn West is available now; Rachel Thompson aka @RachelintheOC who blogs about decoding men, chicks and kids when she’s not writing her WIP The Mancode: A Survivor’s Tale, teaching social media or answering your questions on the @IndieBookIBC stream; and Kait Nolan, aka @KaitNolan author and university writing teacher and blogger, whose ebook Forsaken by Shadow is out now.

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It Doesn’t Take A Village … It Takes A Collective!
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