It’s February The Fifth, 2011

February The Fifth by Derek HainesIt seems to have taken forever, but the day has finally arrived. The alliterated date that was the seed that provided the inspiration I needed to start a whole new book. It is so long ago now, I cannot recall writing the first chapter.

Finally though, after months of fighting with a work in progress manuscript that played with my head and heart, and then what felt like even longer in editing, proofreading and applying those tiny last minute words that make all the difference, the time has come. Time to say goodbye to this odd friend that has been living in my head for nearly two years. Time to let him go, as a book, and find his own way in the world.

February The Fifth is not only a wonderful character, a rare alliterated date in the calendar but is oddly enough, also my birthday. So many reasons for it to be close to my heart.

So today is the day I let him go, find a nice place to sit and ponder and get ready to find new friends in my head. February is now for you.

Have fun with him, and enjoy his farcical little tale.

February The Fifth is available on Kindle during the whole month of February for only $0.99. Enjoy!

February The Fifth is available in two versions :

Amazon Kindle version

Paperback on Amazon

It will be coming to other retailers soon.


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