With the release of the Apple iPhone 4 and iOS4, Steve Jobs has once again convinced the entire planet that they now need this new wonder device in their daily lives.

And any wonder why. This little miracle gadget can not only record video in super duper HD quality, but it can also edit video as well. Imagine, a whole video editing suite in the palm of your hand. Combined with its forward and backward cameras this little baby will surely make everyone a film director. I just can’t wait for the 3D capable version.

Then there is the high resolution screen that is so bright that Apple may have to consider adding a health warning and advise users to wear sunglasses while using the device. A gyroscope has been fitted to the gizzards of the iPhone 4, so it will now have the ability to stand, balanced on one edge for eternity. Incredible.

Then there is Face Time. A truly wonderful idea so long as you have a friend with a new iPhone 4 too, and you can both can find a hi-speed wi-fi connection at the very same time. Very ‘Jetsons’ ? Well, sort of.

The biggest new feature without a doubt is that the new iPhone 4 will have iAd. A great new innovation that will bombard users with incredibly credible non-stop in your face advertising 24/7 live in ALL applications. A truly novel idea and an experience I will just be drooling for until I can get my hands on this little baby.

Oh yes. The secret hidden feature I promised in the title I hear you ask.

While it is unconfirmed, it is believed that the new iPhone 4 will have the capability to make AND receive telephone calls. Complete with automatic drop-out and a brand new feature called ‘No Service When You Absolutely Need It’ or NSWYANI as it has been so cleverly named in beta versions.

To access this hidden feature, look for an inconspicuous green app button hidden in the bottom left hand corner of your home screen. Then press it and hope.

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iPhone 4 Secret Hidden Feature
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