my ipadMy new iPad, that wondrously magical and mystical device, arrived two days earlier than Steve Jobs promised. So it gave me a jump on the European pack clamouring for their own iPad.

So what is my verdict I can hear you ask.

Well, after a week of almost non-stop fondling and playing little ‘getting to know each other’ games, I have to say I’m in love. It is all as promised. Fast, reactive, extra-long battery life and very practical. I bought the leather Apple cover as well, and I would have to say that this is a must. Not only for protection, but as an ideal stand when typing.

A lot of what I have read about the iPad seems to compare it to a laptop and what it doesn’t have. No camera or USB for example. But it isn’t a laptop or netbook. A camera would wobble all the time if you were using Skype for example. And a USB would increase the bulk. Why would you need one anyway? Wireless works super fast to transfer anything.

For me it is the portability. Sitting on a café terrace drinking coffee and tapping out a chapter or two on Pages is just what I want. The email, contact app and photo app are just divine. Safari is very fast and the new apps written for iPad are sensational. I am in love with the ability to read newspapers that look like newspapers. The iBook app makes reading and e-book as close to the real thing as possible. I know, it doesn’t smell like a book, but maybe Apple are working on that.

Will it replace my Macbook? No. It is a device that is superb for absorbing content. However it has just enough input capabilities to make it very handy indeed for email, Twitter, Facebook and quietly tapping away if I feel the need to put a thousand words together. Oh, and looking a super clear and colourful photos of my grand kids.

Is it perfect? No way. There are still some gaps and glitches. The Pages app has a terrible file sync process. Really I would say for an Apple app it’s a shocker. Multitasking is really a necessity. Hopefully this will arrive with version 4.0. There is no search for photos. A print option would be a big help, as would Airtunes to play music through wi-fi speakers.

After an hour or so of use, the screen looks like a camel sneezed all over it. A simple wipe with an iPhone or iMac cleaning cloth works just fine. So why did Apple think it necessary not to include one with an expensive new iPad. Oh Apple! You cheapskates!

All in all though, I’m extremely happy and know that being an early adopter means a few little annoyances for a few months. But they are really so few. For me my iPad is just brilliant.

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iPad. I Am In Love
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