flat iPadHere we go again with every man and his dog posting rumours about the anticipated launch of the Apple iPad 3. Rumours being the operative word here as Apple never release any information about product launches until about one week before they announce that they will hold one of their ‘Special Events’. Even then they are coy about what will actually happen.

The habitual formula is really starting to become one big bore. The last episode went on for months late last year with the much anticipated iPhone 5, which failed to eventuate in the end and left everyone totally disappointed. Disappointed because the rumours had built up such expectation that when reality hit that Apple had simply put an ‘S’ of the end of the iPhone 4, the ‘Apple devotee’ world went into mourning. Well at least that gave them some practice for real-time mourning when Steve Jobs sadly passed away a few days later.

But even with the passing of Steve Jobs, the rumour train is still chugging along as always. Bigger this, faster that, thinner this, new gizmo etc ad nauseum. In the end, all this rumour mongering is just a way of earning bucks out of website advertising. Mention the word Apple and a website gets hits. Mention a new iPad 3 and it gets more hits. Post new rumours everyday and the site gets more hits everyday.

The big winner out of Apple rumours is probably Google. Imagine the revenue they derive from having Google Ads on all these sites and then of course having the indecency to list all of these as news sites in Google News. Nice one.

This all may sound a bit odd coming from a self confessed ‘Apple devotee’, but really sometimes enough is enough. When a new Apple product is launched I can handle the hype for a couple of weeks. But not the six months of pre-launch rubbish that is just a lame excuse to sell website advertising.

Anyway, enough complaining.

I should end on a positive note and tell you that it has been rumoured by an unconfirmed source that the new iPad 3 will come with a screen and be flat. I just can’t wait to find out if I’m right.

iPad 3 Rumour – It Will Be Flat
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2 thoughts on “iPad 3 Rumour – It Will Be Flat

  • 12/02/2012 at 3:21 pm

    Ah flat, the new round, or perhaps the new square. ;)

    Just thank your lucky stars Derek that we here on this side of the northern hemisphere are not subjected to the daily advertising wars on television between Apple and Amazon over their respective E-reading devices, that our North American cousins suffer.

    Now that would very definitely get on my wick in no time at all! :)

  • 13/02/2012 at 4:32 am

    Hi Derek!! Thank you for this one…

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