Right. I’ve made my decision to buy a new iPad 3 based on a number of telling Apple facts. One being that as the iPad 2 has just gone on sale and the queues at Apple Stores are now half the length of the distance to the moon, I won’t bother tagging myself on the end of any of them. Of course I could order online from the Apple store, but as the delivery time is now currently being estimated at 2.5 light years, I have a feeling my credit card would have expired before my shipment was finally made.

Another telling factor in my decision is that I already have an iPad. I suppose it has now been dubbed officially as iPad 1, but at the time I purchased it, iPads didn’t have a model numbering system. Well anyway, my iPad 1 works just fine, and from what I can gather the biggest added feature is a camera. Well, features to be precise as there are two cameras.

Well, woopy doop. I’m sure my trusty iPhone 4 will satisfy all of my photographic desires, and it also fits quite handily in my pocket. Yes, I know there’s Face Time, but as I haven’t ever used it on my iPhone, I doubt I’m going to get all face friendly with a lot of people just because I can see them bigger.

So with this in mind, I’ll wait in the hope that the iPad 3 will deliver miracles. Miracles such as wi-fi updating and syncing, speakers that you can actually hear and a screen that doesn’t look like a camel spat on it after 2 minutes of use.

Of course my big hope, albeit a bit wishful, is that the iPad 3 will be so thin, you will be able to fold it in four and fit it into your pocket next to your iPhone. Wouldn’t that be so cool. Magical even.

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iPad 2 Queues
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One thought on “iPad 2 Queues

  • 18/03/2011 at 9:45 pm

    I'll be waiting for the iPad 3 as well. I like your vision, would be nice to carry it in my pocket :)

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