October 26, 1993 issue of the New York Times:
“One of the technologies Vice President Al Gore is pushing is the information superhighway, which will link everyone at home or office to everything else—movies and television shows, shopping services, electronic mail and huge collections of data.” From Wikipedia.

Information Super Highway
Picture from Mark and Siân Mackey

I think Al saw it a bit like this wonderful interpretation above.

So where did it all go so wrong? Sixteen years later, not only do I have a mega super hyper-space bypass connected directly to my living room, it is populated by super dump trucks which deliver a huge load of garbage every thirty seconds which needs sorting, recycling, deleting, cleaning, re-issuing, saving and returning. These dump trucks come by differing names, but all look very similar.

The Email truck, Facebook truck, Twitter Truck, Google truck, Junk truck, Adware Truck, iTunes Store truck, the Amazon truck and of course the big bad RSS Blog truck! This doesn’t include the Bank truck, Paypal truck, Online Supermarket truck and BitTorrent truck.

When I reflect; in 1996 I could receive rubbish at the rate of 28kps. Today I receive my garbage at the rate of 20 Mbps. May not sound impressive, but it represents and increase of probably 100 zillion to the power of 22!

I think the next feature I would like on my Macbook operating system is an enormous incinerator!

Information Overload
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