Ok, it’s almost summer and time to lie in the sun and read a good book. So to help you on your way, this next week will be ‘Free or Cheap‘ for many of my popular titles. While all the following titles have been reduced, some will be free during this week, so check the Kindle Store for details. Here’s the selection on offer.

The Sons of CleitoSons of Cleito. Normally $2.99. This week $0.99!

Langley Garret’s Sunday morning starts very badly after waking with a hangover and a depressed feeling of worthlessness, along with a foreboding sensation in his gut. With his wife working away yet again, and the realisation that their marriage is probably very close to an end, and that his life is slowly ebbing away, he ponders his misfortune.

As he decides to start accepting that his life just couldn’t get any worse, over his breakfast of coffee, cold pizza and orange juice, it does, when his miserable, quiet and lonely Sunday morning is interrupted by some very nasty people who have orders to abduct him.

Within hours of being questioned, captured, drugged and restrained, he finds himself dumped onto a small remote island, with no idea at all why he was taken bodily from his apartment on a tranquil Sunday morning, or why he is sitting alone on a rock, with only his suitcase and a pleasant view of sunrise across the water for company.

As with all mysteries, it takes some time for Langley to learn a little about why he was abducted, but before he has time to start digesting that limited knowledge, his second abduction a few days later has him totally confused, and all at sea.

Find out more about Langley Garret’s abduction and mysterious misfortunes, Greek mythology, gods and deities, secrets, and some more very nasty people, in The Sons of Cleito. Get it on Kindle.


one last loveOne Last Love. Normally $2.99. This week $1.29!

Life has the habit of delivering its perverse twists at the most unexpected times.

For Bonnie his life had been lived, and the bitter sweet memories of his wife, along with the never ending sorrow of losing his son so young remain with him, but were now ebbing slowly with the passing of the years. His days of love, warmth and tenderness well past and all that was left were his last few quiet years to grow old. Alone, yet content.

What he had done, he had done and what had happened, had. All that remained was to live out the rest of his life in a new place, far away from his checkered past. His days passing with the regularity that an old man desires and deserves. Until the dark day arrives that signals an impending end to his new found life, and with it, all sense of hope.

In facing mortality, Bonnie resorts to using his crusty exterior and bravado to hide the frailty and fear he feels within himself, until he is presented with stark realities beyond his understanding and is forced to come face to face with his own prejudices and beliefs. In meeting Danny and Angeline, Bonnie begins to reshape his thoughts about his acceptance of those he had habitually admonished, and of the bigoted life he has lived. While Charlie and his daughter Beatrice realign his set concepts of how he has habitually rushed to judge people too quickly.

However, it is only when Bonnie meets Madeleine that the most unexpected eventuality turns his hard held beliefs, and his very set views about life, people and love, on their head. Get it on Kindle.


My Take Away VampireMy Take Away Vampire. Normally $2.99. This week $0.99!

My Take Away Vampire – A Tasty Novella

Although Agatha is over three hundred years old, it certainly doesn’t mean that she can’t adapt and fit into ugly post-industrial small town suburbia. Partial to the delights that an evening at McDonald’s often serve her, she waits at her favourite dimly lit corner table – for her kind of take away.

Being your typical urban vampire, this means that her fare isn’t up in bright lights on the menu above the cashiers. However, she usually finds exactly what she is looking for. Her teenage beauty, long blonde hair and ice blue eyes are a temptation very few can resist.

After a long and predictable vampiric existence, trouble is afoot for Agatha. Red headed, freckled and just a little slow on the uptake sometimes, young Reggie stumbles into Agatha’s predictability and turns it on its head.

Add the over-protective and rhyming ghost of a dead poet, a snarling black wolf, some cops and Agatha’s preference for the 1980’s fashion of mini-skirts, satin halter neck tops and knotted white blouses, things just may go awry.

Along with a couple of untimely and unfortunate deaths, and Reggie’s complete misunderstanding of anything at all that’s going on, the awry becomes a dead certainty.

Enjoy My Take Away Vampire. A very different yet tasty little vampire tale. Get it on Kindle.


For The Love Of SamFor The Love of Sam. Normally $2.99. This week $0.99!

When any long relationship ends, a period of turmoil always follows. For Sam Atherton, the end of his marriage of more than twenty years leaves him feeling lonely, bitter, confused and depressed and fearing the thought of having to start a new life for himself. However, as life often does, it can bring about changes suddenly. A small car accident in a car park results in someone entering his life and while certain he doesn’t need a woman in his life so soon, Gail has other ideas about that and sets her heart on him.

Then as he tries to find his feet again, Sam discovers that the trust he had in those close to him for many years may have been misplaced, and as his life unravels around him, he is faced with the harsh realities that can be created by those with revenge in mind. When Susannah, a woman he’d had a brief affair with more than ten years before contacts him again, his emotions become increasingly confused. Worse though is that he discovers that it is her husband who is now his own wife’s lover, and the reason for the bitter end to his marriage.

With a vengeful ex-wife, who never forgave him for his indiscretion ten years before, and Gail, his new lover, plus a long forgotten mistress suddenly in his life again, Sam is in for a very rough time indeed. Get it on Kindle.

Have fun reading your summer away!

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