I Want Dislike Buttons And You Are Boring Me ButtonsDislike buttons would help me say what I really want to say

Dislike buttons on Facebook are clearly not on Facebook’s agenda, as they would destroy the myth of Facebook. Be nice, and don’t make waves. Why though, are we corralled into only being able to have one singular opinion of what people, and idiots post? Why can’t I have the option to click a ‘boring’ button? Or perhaps, a ‘This is Dumb’ button.

Why are we denied a choice, a range of opinions or the possibility to click a button that is in its mildest form, negative? I mean, social media is full of garbage, idiotic posts and worse, banality. Oh yes, give me a ‘banal’ button and I would be extremely happy. I would probably be clicking it so often though that I would wear out my clicking finger!

Or, why can’t we have a choice of a graded scale of like buttons such as, great, good, ok or awful?

Because social media is all about the facade of being nice, when in fact, most of us are not really that nice at all, and given our druthers, we would dump on people at a rate that would destroy the myth of social media niceness.

twitter dislike buttonsTwitter have recently taken the idea of like buttons to a new level of absolute hypocrisy by replacing their favourite star with a bloody red heart button! No, no, no, I don’t want to ‘love’ anything at all on Twitter.

Please Twitter, go back to the yellow star, and as an improvement, why not increase them to five? Then, like my book readers, people on Twitter could rank Tweets from a one star troll rating, to a five star (probably paid) rating. Now that makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

In the end though, clicking on buttons, whether they be red hearts or like or dislike buttons doesn’t count for much anyway. It doesn’t mean the clicker actually read the particular post.

I prefer comments on my blogs, which are almost always polite, considered and mean that someone read my post and then took the time to add their penny’s worth of opinion, either for or against. Sure, I moderate my comments, but in nearly ten years of blogging now, I can only recall a few comments that I have had to reject. Usually this is on the basis of foul language or blatant self promotion. But I have never rejected a comment that disagrees with my point of view.

Perhaps if these commenters had been given a choice of dislike buttons, they may not have taken the time to comment. So there, in one foul swoop, goes all my arguments for dislike buttons!

Well anyway, I still hate red hearts.

I Want Dislike Buttons And You Are Boring Me Buttons
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5 thoughts on “I Want Dislike Buttons And You Are Boring Me Buttons

  • 09/11/2015 at 10:40 pm

    Derek, love the idea of the stars for twitter, but I’ve got to say I’m awfully glad the world is prevented from venting its spleen on most sites.

  • 25/01/2016 at 9:21 am

    Would anyone change the content of their posts, though, if they saw 1 – 5 stars against/for them? I get the impression that moderating one’s posts in deference to what others would like to see would be anathema to most. It appears, from my probably somewhat limited perspective, that folk who swamp social media with marketing posts about their books, etc, wouldn’t care if anyone ever read the post or liked/disliked it. And, of course, the ‘problem’ of Twitter is that you have to divert away from that forum to read blogs or articles and it ends up taking hours out of one’s day! Quite often I will read blogs, find them interesting, but have limited time to comment. Then, of course, you lose the original post, to comment on it, when you go back to Twitter as millions more have come through by then. But, from what I can gather, like you I’d be quite pleased to be able to scale the completely pointless posts down at 1 star. Along with the book ads that are repeated time and time again. Nice article, as usual, Derek! I do like to read yours.

    • 25/01/2016 at 9:46 am

      Thank you, Helen!

      But when I see posts about people shooting giraffes, in the name of sport, I really, really, really can’t click a ‘Like’ button. In cases such as this, a ‘Dislike’ button would be extremely practical.

      Oh well, we shall continue to be nice! :)

      • 25/01/2016 at 10:58 am

        With you on that one too, Derek!

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