booksFor nearly forty years I have had a story in my head. One of those stories that never leaves, and continually seeks answers to mostly unanswerable questions. A childhood friend who had such an influence on my life, that to this day, my memories of him are as vivid as the day they were made.

He was a complete mystery to all who knew him. Especially me. Whatever he told me always needed to be thought about, imagined, dissected and half believed.

Twenty years ago, I had my first real thought about writing his story, but for one reason or another, there was never the opportunity or time. Again, ten years ago, I began to make notes in preparation, but alas time moved on yet again.

Finally, a year ago I started again. Slowly at first. Researching, noting, organising, wracking my memory and generally making a lot of messy notes, files and filling space on my hard drive. The more I investigated, the further I was away from starting to write the book, as I kept finding one answer that led to a whole bunch of new questions.

So today is a very big day for me. I wrote the last words in the last page of the last chapter of my first draft. The most surprising part for me was that I almost had tears in my eyes as I wrote the final paragraphs. Emotions not connected to myself in finishing, but emotions I felt for the characters. The combination of sadness and joy I felt was quite overwhelming.

Hopefully this is a sign that I may have got the story out right. I didn’t have this feeling with my previous books, so hopefully it is a sign of a good read.

Now is the time for the hard work to begin. I really appreciate the comments to my previous blog entry about editing and correcting, so I will approach it with a lot more enthusiasm.

For now though, I am so relieved to have finished what has been forty years in the making. A truly wonderful story, I hope.

Time for a celebratory beer!

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I Got It Out
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4 thoughts on “I Got It Out

  • 11/01/2010 at 1:01 am

    I am going through a simiar thing. I am forty-eight-going-on-forty-nine years old, and when I was about thirteen I was travelling with my father in the back of the old beat-up car, and then the landscape merged with my imagination and I came up with a story – a good one too. For lots of reasons I had skirted it, and about two years ago I penned an outline, and about a year ago I fully developed the plot. Haven't done it yet – mainly because I have two novels on the run, but it will definitely be done.

    I hope that when I finish it I have the same emotional response – it sounds fulfilling.

    Thanks for your very personal blog.


  • 11/01/2010 at 1:07 am

    cheers……and congratulations

  • 11/01/2010 at 4:27 am

    Congrats, Derek! I am sure you have already celebrated–as the time difference intervenes–but at some time, add my glass to yours!

    And will read…


  • 12/01/2010 at 5:04 am

    That's great, Derek. Congratulations!

    Let us know when it's published.

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