deadlinesThis may seem like a silly ‘sour grapes’ attitude, but I have my reasons for being happy and content, plodding along on my own.

Many reasons in fact, but most of them revolve around the fact that I react very badly to doing what someone tells me to do. Or in other words, I am hopeless at deadlines, appointments, regimentation, work hours, discipline and generally behaving responsibly. This said, the single most important reason for me is that I can write what I want to write, and not what I am told to write, or what is saleable and marketable to write.

My current work in progress novel has me scratching my head at the moment trying to decide what genre it will fit into. It is sort of a cross between adventure, sci/fi, medical, romance, political, drama, comedy, satire, historical and allegorical. The only thing I think I have left out are car chases and cowboys. Now this follows on from my previous four books which were absolutely nothing like this at all. Poetry, essay, historical fiction and life drama.

My long winded at arriving to point here is that if I had achieved any success with my previous books, and I was guided by a publisher, I would probably have to recreate something similar to my previous success. That’s what marketing is about. Recreating the recipe that worked. Thinking Angels & Demons and Da Vinci Code here.

But I am not that capable, talented or disciplined.

You may call it ‘sour grapes’ but I am very happy writing what I want to write and trying my hand at a number of genres before I curl up my toes. At least it will hopefully give my grandchildren some variety to read.

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I Am Glad I Do Not Have A Publisher
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2 thoughts on “I Am Glad I Do Not Have A Publisher

  • 07/03/2010 at 4:58 am

    This was very enlightening!

  • 07/03/2010 at 9:45 am

    As long as it makes YOU happy it doesn't matter what others think. Just keep doing what you're doing. I enjoy reading about your view on things :-)

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