As usual my blog wanders from topic to topic. I should have started a food blog, at least then I would have only needed to blog my gastronomic delights after each exquisite meal my wife and I prepare each evening. But I have decided to leave that project to her. By the way, it’s Lamb Couscous this evening.

However, I digressed. My burning theme today are two expressions I hate. With a passion.

Human Resources  
Which of the photos above relate to human resources and which one relates to an old unemployed man with bad attitude? Tough huh?

I thought you would have trouble!

Human Capital.


Human Resources.

Why do these two phrases really mean between 25 and 29, slim, handsome, beautiful, tall and no one over that age or weight need apply! I suppose you have worked out the puzzle of the three pictures. Of course it is the one in the middle. Beards are never associated with HR or HC. Never.

Add to this, well quite simply I don’t class my self as capital. How can I? I have no money, no collateral, no debentures, no bonds, no nothing. So how in heaven’s name can I be classed as anything like capital. Who would invest in me?

As for resources, here we have gold, oil, iron ore, copper sulphate, bauxite, titanium and mineral sands. How could I be compared to that lot? No wonder no one has come along to mine me.

Why not revert all the way back to pre-history and use something demeaning like, personnel, staff, workers, exploited coal miners, sexually harassable secretaries, fast food child exploitation, working poor or just plain employment.

I really prefer to be called and unemployed dinosaur than en exploitable capital resource.

So back to my new career as a multi-media-mega-star. At least that is plain English!

Human Capital
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2 thoughts on “Human Capital

  • 24/10/2009 at 3:44 am

    I would say Human Resources refers to the young 20 somethings who are most often employed as cannon fodder.

    Human Capital on the other hand refers to guys like us who have seen a heck of lot from life and prefers to let the young guns do the job.

  • 27/10/2009 at 9:14 pm

    I agree Adrian, except when you get to 50, you are not capital anymore. You're out of the system.

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