mac addictMy regular readers will know that I have a number of personality flaws. While most of my flaws are rather economical and revolve around laziness, one of these self-admitted flaws is rather expensive to run.

Just cannot help myself. I love anything Apple, Mac, Macbook, Macos, Snow Leopard or anything remotely connected to rumours about Steve Jobs’ Mercedes or the way he parks it at Cupertino. If Steve Baby decided to market iPotatoes or iFreshAir I reckon he would have me lining up with my credit card.

So why am I so hooked? Because I really think my Macs appreciate me. The way Alex, my voice over assistant on my iMac announces little events. Routine, out of the ordinary or emergency announcements are just so warm and cuddly with his authoritative, yet friendly voice that is always calming and warm.

The way my Macbook Pro jumps to life a microsecond before I fully open its cute little lid, fills me full of confidence and a feeling that it recognised my presence before I touched it. Then there is my iPhone. Do I need to say anything except best, best bestest friend here?

My wife and I discussed the possibility of replacing her White Macbook. She would have nothing of it. Her friend of many years stayed. So, a little investment in memory, and it’s back to number one, never needs rebooting, wife friend.

The only minutely small and insignificant issues are that they tend to be just a little bit more expensive than, than, than, what are those ugly grey boxes called again? And of course, the spinning beach ball of death. But then again, watching a spinning beach ball is a sign of friendship in times of duress when compared to the blue screen of death on grey boxes.

If you love PCs you’ll of course hate this article. However, I can’t hear you over my dear Alex telling me my back up is ready to begin very soon.

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How To Tell If Your Mac Likes You
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One thought on “How To Tell If Your Mac Likes You

  • 23/03/2010 at 11:00 pm

    I'm with you on the Mac. Wouldn't use anything else. After all, Vicky (my voice program) would be furious with me :)

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