yalla cocker spanielThis is my first attempt at a full blog post written and created totally on my iPad. For all that has been written and said about the iPad, there is nothing I can add. Except maybe one thing. The only ‘poo pooing’ I have read has been from people who don’t own an iPad.

From a personal perspective, it does exactly what I bought it to do. Be a convenient way to access and consume the Internet and offer the means to do a little writing from time to time. These things it does brilliantly. Especially the auto spell check and replace. Does wonders for my habitually bad typing and spelling.

I digressed. This post is not about my iPad but about dogs. Well I should say a solitary puppy. As the proud new master of a beautiful black cocker spaniel, I am now fully occupied with all things puppy. Wonderful fun, looks of admiration, walks in the rain, the smell of freshly laid puppy poo and a balcony now taking on the unique aroma of house breaking.

Squeaky little rubber toys littering the floor and decorative chewing patterns on the legs of the coffee table. When combined with late night crying and yelping in the vain effort to advise his long distant mother that he is out of the nest and doing fine it makes for a wonderfully close if not a constantly ‘NO!’ punctuated relationship.

Then a little lick of my toes and we are the best of friends again. I have stated his training immediately, and after only two days he now knows how to sit under a café table while I drink a beer or coffee. He’s a super fast learner.

I will keep you updated on his progress.

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