credit card fraudThere are two things that really don’t go together well. Credit cards and the Internet.

No matter how careful you are and even if you never use use your credit card online, your card is still open to be used and abused by those who know how to garner card numbers, passwords and personal details. For those who are paranoid about their credit card security and think it’s dangerous to use a credit card online, it’s worth noting that every time you go shopping and pay at your local supermarket, the payment is processed via an Internet link. So you may as well have ordered your groceries online and saved yourself the bother of going out.

The reason I mention this is because I received a message from my bank yesterday informing me of some suspicious transactions on my credit card. So I rang them back and discovered that someone has been having a lovely time in expensive London hotels and restaurants and also buying advertising on Google (yes, odd huh?) with my card details or faked card. Of course I did the shock, horror, oh I’m aghast routine, but when I settled down and the nice gentleman explained that they had already blocked my card and there would be no expense to me as apparently their insurance covered this sort of stuff, we then had a nice chat.

In essence, our chat was about what one could do to protect yourself from credit card fraud. His answer was illuminating. ‘Well, not much really.’ Very reassuring.

There is no doubt that there have always been risks associated with using credit cards. Credit card fraud was alive and well long before the Internet came along. But as this latest incident is the second for my wife and I just this year, I could easily be convinced that it is now an everyday occurrence and one that seems to be a long way from being brought under control.

Oh well, don’t worry, be happy and have a nice time shopping.

Have A Nice Time – With My Credit Card
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3 thoughts on “Have A Nice Time – With My Credit Card

  • 02/03/2012 at 7:06 pm

    “touch wood” The heck with that. Hard knock. I do practically everything online, with my fingers crossed. So far, it’s been fine. No life without risk. My sister refuses to do any business online if it involves money.

  • 03/03/2012 at 2:27 pm

    Lucky for me also! Maybe they may get a SUBWAY Meal Deal but not much else! Lol…Hope you have better luck in future…

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