greed is goodWhile us good intentioned and concerned members of the human race have been recycling our aluminium cans, using recycled paper and using public transport in our attempts to save our precious and only planet, it now is becoming clear that we have been conned all the way along. Our efforts were going absolutely nowhere. What we have done individually to date may be good for our soul, but at the end of the day it is big multinational enterprises and governments who are destroying planet Earth for our grandchildren. And they haven’t been willing to slow down their destructive practices and policies.

Until now. All has changed. As I write, the world of government and commerce is meeting in Copenhagen to do what I don’t really know. Probably issue a nice declaration on the last day, and then they can all go home after two weeks of good food and wine.

However, it is part of a mood shift within the economies of the world at present towards a new money making opportunity. Green Greed. Gordon Gekko would approve of this I am sure. It is right up his monopolistic street, where corporations can exploit their consumers for maximum benefit and most importantly, profit. Did you really think that our planet would be saved by kind hearted, socially spirited and responsible individuals working together?

The sad truth is that in all our best endeavours, nothing was ever going to happen until someone could profit from saving the world. This process has now started. Green technologies are now big business. The crying shame is that have been around for a very long time, but the ‘market’ was not ripe enough to be fully exploited.

Consider this. The silicon chips that run our computers and almost everything we touch these days have increased in power and efficiency and reduced in price by an average of 50% per year since 1985. See Moore’s Law for details. If the photovoltaic chip that is used in solar energy collection had made the same progress in that time, we would be collecting our own electricity for free from a very small collector on our roofs, balconies or grass huts by now. But the key word here is free. Apart from ourselves, who would want us to have free non-polluting energy? Certainly not energy companies with shareholders. Certainly not governments who tax energy. What would happen to the world economy if energy was free? The answer to this question has been the problem all the way along.

Don’t fret though, we will get our renewable energy in the coming years. When it is profitable to sell it to us. When it can be commercially exploited. When Green Greed can be applied to its distribution. When governments can tax sunlight, wind and tides.

So please, come back Gordon Gekko. The world needs to be saved from global warming and climatic catastrophe. You need to extoll the virtues of greed once again, but this time in a Green Greed form to encourage corporations to get to work on exploiting us once again in the good name of Planet Saving Greed.

Yes, Green Greed is good.

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Green Greed Is Good. Come Back G. Gekko
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