When is it better to use a relative clause, defining or non-defining, and when is it better (like in this case) to use brackets. I have no idea. And does the word Mum always carry a capital, or only when it is in reported speech? Same question with Dad and Grandma I suppose. Just a few grammatical conundrums I had to decide on today as I proof read and edited myself into a grammatical coma. Is cooly spelt cooly or coolly?

Have to make sure to get the verb to the end in a reported speech question. Think I got them all. When do I use ” or ‘. Am I quoting or not? Does Mr have a full stop, or not? Mrs doesn’t. And do acronyms need a point between letters? Can I use a ? and a ! together when I want to infer that someone shouted a question? Like, “You said what?!”

Oh, English grammar and punctuation. So easy.

I have made sure I have not split my infinitives and tried where possible to make sure I don’t end a sentence with a preposition. But with reported speech questions, it is not possible, is it?

Who did you go to the cinema with?

Has to end with the preposition, doesn’t it?

Oh, I didn’t mention spelling did I?


Grammar Conundrums
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