Lying PoliticiansWatch out! Be Careful!
You’ve been warned!
Quick, duck and take cover!
They’re coming to get you!

Yes, in many countries we are entering that time again. Election time. When politicians of all sides endeavour to appear human for a little while. We’re approaching that dreaded time here in Switzerland, but France and the US are gearing up to be ear bashed for month upon month with baby kissing as the 2012 Presidential elections kicking into gear. So lose the remote control for your TV pronto, or even better, throw your TV out the window and get a newer and better one late next year.

It has often been said that Guy Fawkes was the only person in history to enter parliament with a positive intent. To blow it up! The other truism is, never vote for a politician, because in doing so you’ll only encourage them to so something, which will always turn out bad.

Whatever hand side of politics you are, whether your are red, white, blue, pinko or green, get ready for that uniquely political of seasons. The Lie Season. More money for education, more for mothers, more for one legged donkeys on a disability pension, more money for child care, more for the aged and retired. More for everyone who has the right to vote.

Of course, after you’ve voted for your choice of side and colour, they all turn out to be of the same ilk once elected and will smilingly deliver less money for education, less for mothers, less for one legged donkeys on a disability pension, less money for child care, less for the aged and retired and obviously less for everyone who bothered to vote them into office. There will of course be more tax deductions for multinationals who donated so heavily, more money for lavish barbecues in foreign embassies, more money for propping up banks and their disgusting bonuses and of course less tax for anyone who earns more than a few million per year, oh, and donated to their election campaign.

Perhaps I’ve been around too long, but I’ve yet to see a politician of any colour or side who didn’t lie his or her head off during an election campaign and then turn full circle upon election and immediately rip off the poor gullible souls who voted them into office. Oh dear, the world does just go around and around in circles, doesn’t it?

Get Ready To Kill Your TV
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3 thoughts on “Get Ready To Kill Your TV

  • 23/08/2011 at 6:41 pm

    Who ever heard of an honest politician Derek. In fact thinking about those words ‘honest politician’ that has to be the all-time oxymoron don’t you think?

    Why oh why do we bother to elect these idiots? If any of them were any good, they would all be holding down proper jobs.

    Politics is the refuge of poker faced liars, the sly and conniving, not to mention the totally unemployable. Oh no wait a moment, that’s the indecently idle rich.


  • 23/08/2011 at 7:00 pm

    We killed the TV long ago, and not just because of idiot politicians. Even with that gone, it’s still hard to escape the all-but-continuous campaign blather.

    I focus on our family and friends, and our community, because those are the only places I can hope to make a positive difference.

  • 24/08/2011 at 8:16 am

    Sad but true. Most countries have systems that limit all but the very rich from serving in public office. The money needed to campaign for the American Congress or Senate is enough for me to retire on.

    It makes me cringe every time I hear one of them rail against socialized health care. When I hear a wealthy politician warning that there will be “death panels” deciding who lives and who dies, I want to scream back at the tv that those panels already exist.

    They’re called insurance companies.

    Maybe there should be companies that compete for the contract and then spend four years governing a nation. Might work – can’t be any worse than what we have now!

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