peanutMost often the expression is ‘from chocolates to boiled lollies’. Well, in this case it’s more like salted peanuts to black coffee. Yes, it 7 days, that’s one week, all my ebooks will revert from their February and March promotionally crazy peanut price of $0.99 all the way back up to the price of an average cup of luke warm coffee.

Well, as a cup of coffee is about $3.50 where I live, my books will be cheaper in fact, at $2.99. So, perhaps I should say cheaper than a cup of coffee? Anyway, the whole point is this. If you prefer to pay peanuts to a cup of coffee, and you like a good read, get in quick before I hit the button and the luke warm coffee price returns on April 1st.

The next question is whether my books are worth $2.99, or indeed $0.99 ? Well, I won’t express my opinion other than to point you to the unedited views of my readers. Click here for reviews, reviews, reviews.

Apart from that I have little to say today other than that the sun is shining, the birds are singing and Spring has sprung.

Get In Quick Or Is It Quickly?
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