boss workWell how much fun can one have before the world comes crashing back to normality? Holidays, Christmas, trees, tinsel, gifts, food, family, friends, lazy days and an abundance of freezing weather. All too much really. Just how much happiness and joy can one tolerate? I am also really fed up to the back teeth with listening to Bing Crosby. Enough is enough.

So I’m ready to get my shoulder back to the wheel and start cranking out some remarkably brilliant and incisive blog posts for 2011. Starting Monday 10th January, I’m back with my regular Vandal Blog. Ready for another year of irrational satire, bad taste attempts at humour and totally inept attempts at educational value.

It may also be the year when I finally stop posting insanely bad poetry. But don’t hold your breath. There may come days when I’m desperate for content. So enjoy your weekend and get ready for me to annoy you yet again in 2011.

By the way. Happy New Year all!

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Fun, Fun, Fun!
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One thought on “Fun, Fun, Fun!

  • 07/01/2011 at 10:49 pm

    LOL! Derek. I am looking forward to getting back to a sense of normality as well. Down with the holly and mistletoe! Enough of those parties which you are obliged to go! And Goodbye to the cold and the snow.
    Anxiously awaiting to be annoyed by you in the upcoming year.

    All the Best,

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