nakedFor me, the latest tightening in airport security only increases my belief that the scoreline should read: Terrorists 10 – International Security 0.

Our security services have been trying to tackle this issue since the seventies when hijacking became the trendiest terror sport, and really? Has much progress been made?

For all the increased security measures that have been introduced over the years, it would seem, as has been suggested before, quite obvious that flying naked with no luggage whatsoever is the only solution.

The recent attempt to blow up a plane heading to the U.S. by a gentleman wearing an explosive diaper could have been averted if he was flying naked. Then again, it could have been averted a little easier if our trusted security services had done their job correctly. See here for one of many stories regarding the intelligence cock up. Another here.

It has become almost nonsensical. Each increase or modification in airport security has been introduced on such an ad hoc basis. If the news reports can believed, this most recent case could have been averted if the body scanners at Schiphol Airport had been used. But apparently they were not allowed to be used on passengers flying to the U.S.

So, now we have to admit. The terrorists win, and we all have to fly stark naked with no luggage whatsoever to ensure our safety. No Steven King novel, no Times crossword and definitely no iPod!

I suppose the only benefit would be if you ever had a fantasy of joining the mile high club, your chances of membership will improve very soon.

Mind you. I would be interested to know how much modern plastic explosive you would need to ingest to become a naked bomb. Probably not very much, and probably very difficult to detect too.

I think I’ll take a train. Except to Madrid that is.

Picture courtesy of Reuters.

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Fly. Be Free!
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One thought on “Fly. Be Free!

  • 07/01/2010 at 9:04 pm

    Flying naked could have its benefits, depending on who the other passengers are. I don't think that will make us any more safe though. Terrorists and old ladies would figure a way around naked, maybe a fake skin cover – I don't know, but something.
    And talk about scary, there are guys like me who would be rejected from the beautiful people club, men and women scaring the hell out of children. Oh, wait, we already have them. It's television news.

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