Steve JobsWith all that has been written about this ‘Magical and Revolutionary Device At An Unbelievable Price’, it’s a wonder there is anymore to write. But, not to be outdone by 1,000’s of other bloggers, I want to have my ten cents worth. So, sit back, relax and soak up my ten reasons why I want an iPad.

Number one reason is simply that it’s Apple. Therefore it is a necessity. Steve baby has an innate ability to know what it it that I don’t have right now that I really, really absolutely, must have need.

Then there’s is the ‘they have one, and I don’t’ factor. So not being from the US, I have to wait like everyone else outside the US and grow greener and greener every day with technological envy.

I definitely want to have the first ever computer contraption that doesn’t come standard with a calculator. How confident is that?

My iPhone is just so perfect, I want a bigger one. And seeing as I never use my iPhone to actually make calls, the iPad should suit me perfectly.

The last reason is that I place no value in money, so why not exchange useless pieces of paper for something I can hold in my hand and play with until the novelty wears off.

So. You? Are you up for an iPad?

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Five Reasons Why I Want An Apple iPad
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