I am sure it used to be easy to write a book or record music and have someone else do all the running around and grunt work. But now in our DIY internet world, it rests with me to do it all. So designing a website was easy. But then you need to know about analytics, robots, links, page rank, wigets, ftp, zip, baiting, html, code embedding and other totally confusing words. Resizing, cropping, editing, web fonts, file types. The list goes on. And then just when I think I have a small grasp, something new comes up. FEEDS! What the hell do I do with this? Probaly nothing to do with food. Localization? No idea. Log on again. Damn, what was the user name? What was my password? Directories? Oh yes. Great idea. Copy and paste 6 pieces of information for each submission. Easy. Only problem is that to have any effect it needs to be submitted to 1,000 directories. (There goes next month!) Have I done a back up?

Alt tags? Great? Meta tags, keywords, dead links checker. Ooops, not flash compliant. Oh dear, start again.

Send you documents in the following format. MUST be 300 dpi, exactly 1471 pixels x 1472 pixels, do not crop, CMYK, flattened, secure pdf only. I might just mail it instead. Oh yeah? There is no physical mail addresss!

Ok, I’m going back to adverbs, adjectives, nouns and trble clefs. Things I understand.

If you are reading this, then I must have pressed the right button, dpi, pixel and cmyk configuration.

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