moonI woke up suddenly from a dream last night and wondered, yet again, about how illogical dreams seem to be when you awake, but so very logical when you are in the middle of one. I say yet again, because this thought has so often run through my mind. This morning I started to think about dream logic again and suddenly remembered taking some notes a long time ago.

After searching high and low, I found the rough notes I had made. I had woken suddenly from a dream one night and had tried to note down as much as I could remember. Still half asleep mind you. With a little, but not too much editing, I have pieced the notes together to try and recreate the dream for you.

The Threesomes Dream
Spinning disks. Colourful. Falling from the sky. Floating, yet spinning. Coming closer. Full of children. One slamming into a roller door of a suburban garage at a racetrack located in the back yard of my grandmother’s house. Children killed.

Retiring to the garden at the side of my grandmother’s house. Watching our handbags being used as sprinklers. Deciding to walk home. Upset at the tragedy. Walking miles. To the house I lived in as a child. Two doors away from my grandmother’s house.

An old friend who I had never met (yet!) was already at home watching TV. Waiting for us. I approached the door with my wife, and entered the house of my childhood. Also with my other wife, who I had never met, but knew she was going to be my wife.

Three parallel universes. In the same place and time. Created to increase the economic output of Earth, as it was not meeting galactic quotas. Developed and implemented by the Central Galactic Economic Advisory Committee to accelerate the technological and economic output of Earth, so it could join the Western Orion economic zone, 7 million years ahead of schedule.

Life forces were in limited supply. Stories of souls by monks and priests were not far from the truth, but were used to explain and pacify ‘crossovers’. Heaven was used to explain re-bodying of life forces. Three parallel universes of Earth made better use of life forces as bodies were easy to produce but life forces were governed by a strict galactic quota.

Earth humans were way behind the rest of the universe. Third world like. The oligarchy were in charge of the plan. A ‘get rich quick scheme’ with many tax incentives.

Three way division of life forces had drawbacks. Only one third of each personality could be used in each universe. So each individual was incomplete. Hence no one was completely balanced as elsewhere in the universe. Leading to a breakdown in society values and behaviour. Needing new strictures and supervision. Police, military, government, churches. To control the inevitable lack of discipline one third of a human psyche could attain. There was no need for these controls in a single universe. It was hoped that three universes could be merged back into one in three or four million years once economic performance and technological evolution had been attained.

Dreams were crossover points. Ones that were impossible to eliminate because of the strength of a single life force. But were explained away as just dreaming. Occasionally a life force would wander too far from this dream state and realise the reality of the situation. In a three way split state, all dreams, fantasies, odd thoughts and déjà vu feelings were just consequences of the reality. Simple crossovers. The results of not being able to completely split a life force into three.

I was being briefed by Nimrod Kwic on a small hill overlooking Jerusalem. Why here? And why me? And why now?

Like him, I was a rare revert. The merging of my three split forces had been gaining pace in recent years. This was monitored by the authorities and any such occurrences were sent here. And where is here?

The fourth dimension. A holding reality. Where life forces exist on hold until the eventual merging back of the three spilt universes (Earths). Only a few million years to wait. But we had no actual reality. No bodies. We are complete and balanced, as there is no such thing as an imperfect life force. But because life forces are in limited supply, we are not to be wasted. Just kept on ice per se.
Now, all of that seems perfectly logical, doesn’t it?

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Dream Logic
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4 thoughts on “Dream Logic

  • 20/12/2009 at 5:49 am

    I think someone made a movie about this called "The Matrix." Did your dream include anyone who resembled Laurence Fishburne or Keanu Reeves?

    Also, and just out of curiosity, was there anything in your dream about Vogons destroying Earth to create an intergalactic bypass? Or the question to the answer 42? :)

  • 20/12/2009 at 11:19 am

    I am an unashamed and self confessed Douglas Adams freak Debbi, so he must have had something to do with it.

  • 21/12/2009 at 5:28 am

    Me, too, actually. Adams was a genius (and from what I've read, a totally decent human being).

  • 21/12/2009 at 6:39 pm

    Yep. All of the above Debbi. Plus he was very, very, very tall!

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