Have you ever noticed that you just can’t go to a doctor once. Maybe they’re like peanuts! Even if you are feeling fit and well, and haven’t had the need of a doctor’s services for 5 years, they will always find a reason for a return visit.

I made this fatal mistake a couple of years ago. Just a little check up to put my mind at rest from the trauma of turning fifty. So guess what? I think one or two more visits and we will be on a first name basis.

But there is a bright side. Apart from the increased health insurance premiums and non-covered ancillary costs that always seem to change every time I look at my policy. (This DOES prove that insurance companies can actually travel through time and change what you thought you signed and agreed to two years earlier, but that is a digression and a subject for another day.) The real bright side is that I now have the reassurance of knowing exactly what I don’t have. No progress on what I do have, but that seems to be for another day also.

I was so excited today to find out that I really don’t have bone cancer, leukemia, pancreas cancer or liver disease. All this wonderful reassurance came about because I had a sore rib after vacuuming the car, and my doctor was very thorough.

Well, you may not be as excited as me about this news, but is does give me confidence that I will enjoy my beers tonight without guilt about its affect on my liver.

A clean bill of drinking health for a few more years yet. Oh, I’m so excited!

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Doctor, Doctor!
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