newsI suppose my title is wrong. Perhaps it should be, what is news in fact?

As I conduct my morning scan of news from around the world, the same topics seem to hitting the headlines with monotonous regularity every day. If I was to order them in their scale of relative importance I would have to say that if it’s not Apple, Sarah Palin, Britney Spears or Tiger Woods, it’s not news. Of course there are those regular all time standbys like a good flood, fire or grotesque royal wedding, but in the end, if it can’t be understood by a sulking four year old, it’s just not newsworthy.

It has become quite a challenge to find what used to be called hard hitting investigative journalism. I can understand why this has gone out of fashion though. It tended to be written using big words of more than five letters and certainly wasn’t scripted by government spin doctors. Would Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward be able to blow the lid on Watergate in today’s Rupert Murdoch inspired, page three boobs and priest sex scandal news world?

The only investigative journalism these days seems to be based around astrological forecasting and second guessing when Steve Jobs will or will not release a new iToy.

Yes, I know war, killing, ethnic cleansing, genocide, economic scandal, political gravy training, corruption, propaganda and torture are not so much fun to digest with your cornflakes. But, have we all become so desensitised to the reality of our world now that all we really want to know is if Sarah Palin will wear red today? Or is her daughter really a good dancer?

Then again, I suppose after reading The Information Clearing House for more than half an hour, one is ready to leave the sordid truth behind and get back to some juicy celebrity fantasy. Either that, or head over to The Onion for some real believable news!

Do We Want News?
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One thought on “Do We Want News?

  • 30/11/2010 at 10:45 am

    Like you Derek, each morning, usually the first thing I do is to trawl through the news via Google desperately hoping upon hope that I will find something newsworthy. Sadly I don't. When will I learn? :)

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