petsSince I started my new career as an Author, Songwriter, Poet and Idiot and being never too old to rock and roll and vandalise words and music, I have noticed that I spend a lot of time alone. Now this is good in a lot of respects. I need time to think, concentrate, imagine, create and generally be as lazy as possible. With no one around most of the time to tell me to get off the sofa and get some exercise, I don’t.

At least in summer I sit on café terraces and watch the world go by. Walking from one terrace to another is good exercise I think. But as it is winter now, I prefer to keep warm and watch the world freeze from the comfort of my closed windows.

This got me to thinking about something, again. Pets.

I started with the thought that a cat might be a good idea. Something to say hello to and be completely ignored by. Something to pat, until it scratches you, to indicate its had enough and is perfectly content. Something to put food into, and then collect it back in a nice smelly plastic kitty litter box. Something to get under my feet and annoy me while I’m washing the dishes. Sounded great! However, I live on the top of very tall building, and as far as balconies and cats go, it didn’t sound like a good match for a long and healthy free from falling to one’s death kind of cat life. I wasn’t all that keen on a smelly kitty litter box anyway.

Of course I love dogs. That would have to have been my first choice. A nice big dog with real big dog attitude. A friend who would react to my affection by returning it in spades. A true companion to talk to and not be bothered by their problems. Dogs are renowned listeners. A dog would be really useful in cutting down on wasted food and leftovers. Keep the place safe when I wasn’t there. Would need a walk five times a day in the freezing cold ice and snow. Whoa, hold on a minute. That really doesn’t sound like my idea of fun. Summer, spring and autumn are ok, but freezing myself to death five times a day for half and hour or more sound a little masochistic for me. Man’s best friend or not.

So, then there were fish, canaries, rabbits, lizards, crabs and snakes. None of these took my fancy at all. Not enough animation for me. I had a passing notion that a chicken might be a good idea. You know chickens are very smart, loyal and affectionate. Plus you get an egg or two. They tend to be difficult to house train though. But on the other hand, they are very practical pets for someone who goes on holidays. Just chuck ‘em in the freezer and your dinner is nearly ready when you get back home.

Well, back to the drawing board on this pet and healthy exercise idea I think.

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Do I Need A Pet?
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2 thoughts on “Do I Need A Pet?

  • 17/12/2009 at 8:54 pm

    Go back to the cat idea. We have 3 and they are calming and also a never ending source of amusement and photo opps. Just clean out the litter after they use it and it is never smelly. That will give you the exercise you need. Works for us here in Toronto.

  • 17/12/2009 at 10:19 pm

    My 14th storey balcony worries me with cats though Susan. Probably one life instead of nine!

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