Digitally Dumbing Down Our Brains

We are being dumbed down by an excess of useless information

The 80’s promise of the Information Superhighway has become a tragic disappointment. Instead of being the conduit to knowledge, it has become the tool of choice for the self-dumbing down of us all.

In place of availing everyone and anyone to all the information known to mankind, the Internet has instead become a freeway of puerile piffle.

When once it was imagined that access to every library in the world would bring knowledge to the masses as never before, all we can do with this power and knowledge is exchange images of cute pets.

In place of the first real opportunity to challenge our political elite, and hold them to account on their analogue and digital word, all we can do in reply is post images of cute pets. When it comes to the digital opportunity to use it as the right to freedom of expression, all we do is share images of cute pets.

With every book ever written is available to download and read, in one simple click mind you, all we can do is add an image to the unending images of cute pets, and say that we hated the book. The opportunity to be spiteful and hate anything we read is the new digital spirit, which is only marginally behind the new absolute human imperative we have developed, to add more pictures of cute pets to the Internet.

When it comes to news, which was once, in pre-Internet times about news, it is now about the most famous pictures of cute pets posted on the Internet on any designated day. Or, about nail polish.

We have been digitally dumbed down, but who is at fault? No one forced us to upload billions of dumb images of cute pets. But we do, In bucket loads. How stupid we are.

No wonder we are so easily manipulated and controlled.

Because we have proved to those who control us, how diabolically dumb we really are.

Feel free to add your cute pet images to your comments.

Digital Dumbing Down
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3 thoughts on “Digital Dumbing Down

  • 06/12/2014 at 5:33 pm

    I guess you’re not too keen on images of cute pets??? I know what you mean though… You do get a little tired of reading the same old same old…

    • 06/12/2014 at 5:37 pm

      I can handle the odd pet pic, Pat. But streams of them are a little tiresome. It’s worth noting that one of the biggest posters of cute puppy pics, is a company that sells expensive dog collars, and of course their pics get reposted a million times. Good for business, huh?

  • 13/12/2014 at 7:02 am

    Oh dear whom are you following :-)? Well, I agree that there is lots of sh.. on the net but in the end it depends on how you use it. For me it is still a well of information but you have to go and search and not let yourself be trickled with what others push at you. It is not exactly that the news have always been about news. There has been a lot of propaganda in the olden days too. It was just not about cute pets and business :-) but about cold wars …

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