Animal FarmIf ever there was a better time to highlight the evil that is corporate greed, it is right now. As the world, by which I mean us inconsequential plebeians, suffer the erosion of our salaries, the loss of employment, diminishing savings and for some, just damn hard to feed and clothe your kids, corporate pigs continue to wallow in a vile swill of inconceivable amounts of money.

Two examples I read today just want to make me vomit in absolute disgust.

Qantas CEO’s 71 per cent pay rise approved at heated annual meeting. Did you get that? SEVENTY ONE percent! And in an industry that is crying poor. The poor bastard’s salary will increase from $2.9 million to $5 million. I bet he donates $10 to the Red Cross every year to keep his conscience clear.

Novartis 3Q profit up 7 pct; plans 2,000 jobs cuts. Now this small looking seven percent increase is actually a profit of $2.9 BILLION! Oh, by the way, that’s only for three months!

In the small town where I live, Novartis are closing their entire facility with the loss of 270 jobs. Thirty of which are disabled people. In a town of fifteen thousand people, this will hurt our town very badly. Of course these 270 real people will be unemployed but happy in knowing they have made their contribution in helping poor Novartis crack $12 billion in profit in the next twelve months.

In recent posts I have mentioned the economic crisis that is concerning to all of us now. There is no escaping the consequences, no matter where you live. The world is so interconnected that we now see the absurdity of it all with China coming to the financial aid of Europe. The world has gone completely insane. Will India bail out the US debt next?

But while we suffer, it is clear that the corporate pigs of this world are alive and well, and gleefully rubbing salt into our wounds.

The actions of these two companies is now ‘par for the course’ for the whole corporate world. As disgusting as their actions are, reactions and protests have been non-violent. So far. My biggest worry is that actions such as this will provoke greater and greater anger. As the rage increases, so does the chance of a violent reaction.

Read Animal Farm recently?

Corporate Greed – The Filthy Pigs
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14 thoughts on “Corporate Greed – The Filthy Pigs

  • 28/10/2011 at 3:44 pm

    Headlines like those only stoke the anger of all the Occupy movements, and like you, I fear it’s going to get very ugly, very soon. It’s already started in Oakland and other places, and I’m sure the powers-that-be won’t back down from protecting the corporations who pay their salaries.

  • 28/10/2011 at 3:44 pm

    ‘All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.’?


  • 28/10/2011 at 4:46 pm

    I just saw a movie The Company Men that follows a plot line very much like this. I posted about it briefly on my blog. It was a well done film that pinpointed how this greed works to make the rich richer, having to do with mergers and layoffs. If you haven’t seen The Company Men you should definitely check it out on DVD.

  • 28/10/2011 at 6:36 pm

    I’m just sitting here shaking my head! After your post yesterday, and mine, on this very subject of CORPORATE and BANKING GREED, I was wondering what the next piece of unbelievable new would be. :(

  • 28/10/2011 at 7:17 pm

    I worked for eight years at a 40 billion a year company and I saw, first hand, how folks get ahead. Mindless blather. You take every and any opportunity to put in your two cents regardless of how stupid it may actually sound. In fact, the stupider the better. Try to throw in phrases like ‘passion for the business’ or words like ‘synergy’.

    Then, when you have a little influence you need to target another group and take them down. I worked for the engineering group building stores. The director in charge of putting the stock on the shelves convinced the owner that he should be put in charge of us. He explained about how his team had a passion for the business and that he could gain synergy by laying off half the Engineers and mixing the two groups together.
    Now, I have switched from writing part time to making a full time job of it.

    The few remaining engineering staff are looking to jump ship because their new shelf stocking ‘co-workers’ have no clue how to read architectural drawings or discern between a legitimate extra cost and a blatant ripoff from the contractors. When you consider that I managed roughly twenty million in contracts during my last twelve months at that company, you get some idea of how much money the twelve new guys might be able to waste while they attend meetings and trade the latest buzzwords.

    That’s the kind of synergy that runs a company right down the toilet and it happens every day.

    I think the problem is that many senior leaders know that they’re frauds who got to the top with nothing more than blather and self entitlement. They know that they left a lot of smart people behind in the trenches and assume that those people can get enough work done to keep the ship rolling along. What they don’t seem to realize is that the idiotic changes they make in the name of justifying their presence tend to grind the poor saps under them into angry dust.

    It may sound like I’m bitter but I’m just laying out the facts. In truth, I really like spending more than one night a week with my family so I don’t regret a thing.

  • 28/10/2011 at 9:02 pm

    It made me sick when I heard on tonight’s news that the CEO’s of the top 100 companies registered in the FTSE over here in the UK, voted themselves pay rises to the tune of 43%. One went further – 70%, putting his salary up to£2.7 million!!!

    The last pay rise for the average worker here in the UK was only 2.7% and that was almost two years ago!



  • 28/10/2011 at 9:10 pm

    At first I wondered if Andrew Claymore and I had the same employer. Then I see that he’s talking about engineers and realize that’s not the case. We don’t work for the same company but our companies are infused with the same evil. The same upper crust self entitlement crowd that uses downsizing and cutting benefits to increase dividends and earnings statements so they can enrich a privileged few at the top of the corporate food chain.

    I was raised to think the best of people. To give them fair chances, to try and see it from someone else’s point of view. That’s being sorely tested right now.

    I’ve been in the same company for nearly a quarter of my life and have been through several mergers. Nothing changes. No that’s not true, I make less now because my benefits have been stripped like a car left on the bad side of town. Instead of it taking a few minutes to steal everything of value my corporate masters take a tire here, a radio there, it’s a long process measured in quarters. I have no doubt in my mind that a little more will be taken next year.

    Not only do they engage in these regular raids on my compensation, the means in which I support my family, they have the clangers to announce record profit right before they do it. Salt in wounds? That’s like pouring in sand with extra salt and a bit of neurotoxin. Then they turn around a quarter later and ask employees to get our friends and family to buy their products because that’s company loyalty. They want us to sour our relationships with the people that do give a crap about us for their benefit? HA. No chance in hell.

    I do agree with you Derek. There is only so much time left before the protesters turn violent because of so much rage. We’re already seeing it happening in small pockets but with increasing frequency as the police are unleashed on the crowds. This only hurts the inefficiently managed and underfunded city governments who are paying massive amounts of overtime to police officers, cleaning up the mess left in parks and on the streets.

    Do the corporations care? No. When the protesting actually starts pulling money from corporations they’ll listen, not before. Without their bottom lines being stomped on they will continue business as usual. They’ll decry the angry people as hippie agitators that just need to get a job, take a shower. The mainstream media will go with that, like they have been. All the while the corporate elite will keep drinking their sparkling water and champagne from their Wall Street balconies while they smile and chuckle and take pictures of the foolish pleebs who would dare to cry for fair treatment.

  • 28/10/2011 at 10:55 pm

    What is frustrating about all the increase in CEO pay is the fact that the average worker pay has remained stagnant for decades, while inflation continues to go up.

    People in the U.S. need to realize that a construction worker making 14 dollars an hour in the 70s was way better off than a worker making the same pay today. Back then, that salary could get you in a house and even get you some investments, now, it’s just enough to “get by” if you live by yourself.

  • 28/10/2011 at 11:21 pm

    Sickening isn’t it?

    The front page of my daily paper in the UK talked about how FTSE-100Chief Exec salaries were up 49% whilst normal salaries were lagging behind inflation. The Tories try to tell us “we’re all in this together”, but there has never been such a bare-faced lie.

    It’s not just salaries, we’re being ripped off with prices for everything going through the roof. Sick, sick, sick.

    (Like the blog, by the way)

  • 28/10/2011 at 11:43 pm

    George Orwell saw this coming, he just got the date wrong. This is why we must all keep thinking, keep questioning, keep writing, and keep speaking out.

  • 28/10/2011 at 11:50 pm

    I think “Corporate Greed” is a misnomer. It’s the individual greed of those in positions of power. Like the fable, they are killing the goose that lays their golden eggs. They have no idea how things are made only how to get into positions of power and rob the coffers.

    I’m worried as well that things could get out of hand. The privileged didn’t care about the masses before the French revolution and things got out of hand – the privileged lost their heads. The same happened in the early part of the twentieth century in the US when unions went to war against company overlords. There was a lot of bloodshed.

    People a feed-up with working hard to make other people money when their own families do without. It could get ugly. I see it even in the small company I work for. As the economy slipped the employees took the hit while the owners kept their income steady. Greed is everywhere.

  • 29/10/2011 at 3:22 am

    Orwell 1984:

    The filthy pigs may be from animal farm.The filthy pigs that are involved include many others than just bankers.

    A fiction story may be that it is a serious class problem.The fiction goes like this.

    There are over 6 billion in the world.Capitalism requires expansion.Supply and demand.If your are in business you want to expand markets,and have cheap labor.

    At a point expansion may reach a point where the haves no longer need the half nots because there is so much excess labor.

    This could result in the haves totally controlling the have nots.

    What this would mean is that the haves would not allow the have nots to be educated.There would be no upward mobility.The haves would retain status quo forever as none,but the haves would have power.

    Education would only be for haves.Have nots could not afford education,and would not be allowed it.Technology in hands of haves would assure there control.

    Power totally corrupts as the international banks have proved with the corporate.
    To realize crime of bankers is only fine not jail time proves the corruption of power
    when not regulated.The corporate pays fines generally for wrong doing.

    The western world may be in same condition as Greece is in future.

    The corporate cannot supply 6 billion people jobs with middle class existing in west
    as it would cut their profit.

    Orwell was a policeman,so he knew human nature.

    The factions that exist are their worst enemy as self interest over rules reform.Greece has defaulted on loans,and the USA should default on its
    debt,and start over with prior 1963 rules.Funny statement,but true.

    Iceland had the will to say no to the banker mafia.Iceland now has serious problems.No employment-What future?

    Outsourcing,immigration are result of bankers and corporate,etc.

    Unless the people have the will for reform there is no hope.Denial is not reform.

    Why is it so obvious,yet no action.Truth is a terrorist if violation of the law is okay.

    Those who are responsible should be charged not just talked about.

    International Banker Pigs and Others!

    Walter E. Haas Search Google God Bless America

  • 29/10/2011 at 9:15 am

    Couldn’t agree more Derek. The gap between the ‘haves’ and us ordinary people is colossal and widening and yet they reward themselves again and again at our expense. It is in circumstances such as these that revolutions start! Similarly the original Labour Party was formed in similar circumstances. It has to end at some point!

  • 02/11/2011 at 12:43 pm

    “Survival of the fittest”- In this case, the Corporate pigs are getting fatter day by day and the weak remain weak.

    On second thoughts, should we believe in the third verse of the Sermon on the Mount?
    Blessed are the meek:
    for they shall inherit the earth.

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