CJHeckWho the heck is CJ Heck?

Well … I actually wear a lot of hats, worked at some really cool jobs, and I’ve moved around a lot. I’m a partner, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a mom, a grammy, a friend, but I’m also a poet, writer, and an author — I have three children’s books, plus a new collection of short stories. I love writing. Besides poetry for adults and children, I write fiction and nonfiction, memoirs, essays, three different blogs, and I maintain my twelve year-old website.

I grew up in Coshocton, Ohio, the oldest of six children. Since then, I’ve lived in North Carolina, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Indiana, Illinois, Florida, and California. Right now, I live

in Pennsylvania with my partner, Robert Cosmar, who is also a writer and author. Interestingly, he’s also from Coshocton, and like me, proud to be an Ohio


I am also a Vietnam War widow. My husband, Douglas S. Kempf, was a decorated combat medic, who was killed when he risked his life to help the wounded as his platoon was ambushed on September 5, 1969. He was awarded seven medals posthumously, including the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star with first oak leaf cluster.

See? I really have worn a lot of hats. I’ve also been a flight attendant, co-owner of an antique-gift shop, an executive secretary, senior records clerk for detectives in a police department, a children’s columnist, and I’ve written radio advertising and sold insurance. I guess I just never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

A writer is what I am.
A writer is what I’ll be,
for writing is so very much
an important part of me.

Some of my work has been published by:

Oxford University Press
Cambridge University Press
Castle Rock Research
Rubicon Publishing
Poetry Quarterly
JFC Publishing House
Grande Prairie Regional College
True Poet Magazine
Bluegrass Publishing
Dane Publishing House
Your Big Backyard Magazine
Steel Point Quarterly
Tales ‘n Rhyme Magazine
Writers Digest Books
Mature Living Magazine
Distance Learning
Purpose Magazine
Design Workshop
New Hampshire Magazine

For poetry workshops, school visits, fees and references, please visit my website or call 814-249-1777.
Barking Spiders Poetry:

Published Books: Barking Spiders and Other Such Stuff (2000)
Barking Spiders 2 (2011), A 2011 Cybils Book Award Nominee for Poetry
Me Too! Preschool Poetry (2011)
Bits and Pieces from a Writer’s Soul (2011)

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