Writing by Derek Haines

Writing and poetry by Derek Haines

The Beautiful Bird

The Beautiful Bird

The Beautiful Bird Many years ago, I set my eyes on the most Beautiful Bird I had ever seen. She was dazzling in her beauty and song. I was entranced, and from that moment on, I was to devote my life to the wonder of this creature. She was wild, but was caged so tightly,

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A Time To Be Me

A Time To Be Me

A Time To Be Me How much of life is ours to make? Do we make our own mistakes? Or do we live to others rules? And work through life with borrowed tools. Do we own our lives we lead? Are we just here to simply breed? And fill our time with useless tasks, Am

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Nymph Of the Woods

Poetry. A Change Of Pace

Nymph of the Woods Sitting as I love to do, watching nature fresh and new, Bright new buds of flushing blooms, tiny little red mushrooms, Just the kind that pixies love, and watching birds soar above. Catching all the scents of spring, lost in aimless wondering. The gentle breeze upon my skin, with thoughts of

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