Why is he so happy?


In the current economic climate it really makes sense to invest in infrastructure projects. In Bern, the capital of Switzerland the local authorities have decided against boring bridges, roads, school, clinics, hospitals and child care centers. They have come up with a brilliant way to spend CHF 24,000,000. (That’s about $26,000,000.)

And it is? Of course, a new home for two bears in it’s zoo. Now don’t get me wrong here. I’m really happy for the bears. They must have got their application for a first home owner’s grant just perfect. (That they are the symbol on the Bern flag helped too I suppose.) In addition, their new home has been finished just in time for winter. Very comforting for them as they prepare for hibernation.

Courtesy of Swisster

Well, this is the catch really. The price the bears pay for their new state funded, river side, seven story, luxury penthouse is that people can look at them going about their bear business. So, for this deal top come off, people need to be able to see these bears. I’m sure you are with me here.

Yes. What happens when they hibernate? Will they be slugged with arrears for not keeping up with their end of the bargain? Or will we just be happy with adding a bear in Photoshop when we get home?

Can I Bear This?
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