rubbishWhat does it take to keep your concentration going when you have really had enough, but know you just can’t stop? A cup of coffee, a smoke and a packet of peanuts. Remarkable but true.

This is a recipe for success for a number of pursuits. Repairing a crashed computer, completing tax returns, studying or cramming for an exam or even writing a novel, among a number of other mind numbing tasks that I’m sure you can list. Whenever you need long term concentration, perseverance and a desire to stay awake during the process, be well prepared and stocked up.

Now of course, I don’t say that the recipe is perfect or can’t be altered to suit your exact taste. Some people resort to chocolate, potato crisps or tea. While others take the more daring route of beer, wine or smoking something herbal.

Personally, I go with the traditional ingredients. A good supply of fresh espresso, a packet of smokes, and salted peanuts. Mind you there is a danger. Those peanuts are killers, and so often lead to me wanting to replace the coffee with beer, which is alright for a while, but in the long run usually leads to the project being terminated early.

Don’t be afraid to experiment though. I have tried a number of ingredients over the years. Japanese rice snacks were a favourite of mine for some time as well as Coca-Cola of course. But these trends pass, and I go back to the original and best.

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