Microsoft still manage to amaze me. Although a dedicated and self confessed and obsessed Apple Mac freak, there is no getting away from the fact that we all (including me) live in a Microsoft world. This was bought back home to me last week with a very sudden thud.

I have, of course, registered my website with Google, Yahoo, DMOZ, directories, other smaller search engines, and then of course, Bing. Microsoft’s new answer to internet search.

All goes well, and my site is listed in varying degrees of fullness by all these sites and directories. In fact, I was initially impressed with Bing, as it indexed around 75% of my pages. Not bad. I was truly very happy. Until!

One morning last week, I log on to Bing, and presto, my site has disappeared from their index except for one page. 90% of the backlinks listed just a few days before had also disappeared. So, naturally I send a friendly email to Bing support asking what had happened.

I received a prompt reply from a guy at Bing. Good so far. Content of the message? Well, try this for a start.

“Bing has a different search algorithm and the Bing Team continuously updates the algorithms we use to ensure we have the highest quality content in our search results. For this reason, you will notice over time that some sites are showing then sometimes it doesn’t.”

Now, if you understand this gobbledegook message, please let me know.

This was of course accompanied by suggestions to visit their Bing forums which I always understand as ‘piss off’ and find out for yourself.

I have heard rumors of Google’s Sandbox, but this sounds like Bing’s Black Hole!

My response to the email was just to say to myself ‘sod off Microsoft’ as usual and get on with other things. Until!

Microsoft kindly sent me an email MSN Support Survey to complete just a few days later. May not have helped my site, but I scored their support at zero for everything listed, and when I had a chance to comment instead of tick boxes, I informed them that their support stank! (Or words to that effect.)

My simple point here, is that yes, you can have 1,000 ISO certificates and accreditations for quality customer service standards because you have a systematic two way evaluation process in place. But for me, no matter how sophisticated the processes you have in place, if you treat your customer as if he or she is brain dead, you will last as long as a monopoly as American railroad companies. A long time yes, but in the end, smarter people will bring you down.

I contact many services on the internet, but none one other than Microsoft manages to treat me like a completely brain dead idiot with an appetite for nonsensical horse shit.

Well done Bing! And goodbye! I wish you a pleasant downfall.

Bing, Go, Go, Gone!
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