1984The recent adventures of Google versus the Chinese Government highlighted the control of information that governments wish to or would like to have over its citizens. China is not alone in this regard and it is surprising how many counties are actively involved in suppressing certain types of information. A listing of countries classed as ‘Internet Enemies’ can be found here on Reporters Without Borders.

However, in my mind there is a much more serious issue to consider. That of the retention of personal and sometimes private information we ourselves distribute daily over the internet. With the advent of web.2.0 technologies, cloud computing, microblogging, automatic feeds, social networking and one click access technologies such as OAuth connections and Twitter, it raises the issues of who sees, who owns and who distributes this data.

In what is now ancient times by internet standards, we stored out data locally on our own computer hard drives. Whereas now, a huge proportion of our personal information is stored in the ‘ether or cloud’ but in reality on someone else’s server. Servers that we of course have no access to or ability to edit, delete or modify.

So from a Big Brother angle, this must surely be the best possible situation. The worst part for us plebs is that we have done this without being asked by masking the collection of our personnel data as entertainment and progress.

As was once a catch phrase: ‘What do you want to do today?’

It it should now be: ‘We know what you’ve been doing today!’

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Big Brother And The Plebeians
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