Beware the dangerI like reading statistics. They give me immense pleasure because you can learn so much from them and gain a better understanding of how things really can go in totally different directions to what you think is normal and rational. Collating rock solid statistics and comparing them on a graph is a fascinating way to spend an otherwise boring Monday evening.

Did you know, that in some regions of the world there is a direct correlation between the incidence of ‘Road Kill’ and the sale of Christmas trees? As there is between the sale of school bags and days without precipitation. All very useful useless information, but not nearly as important as my latest statistical discovery.

Absolutely dumbfounded is the way I would describe my revelation. While skimming a newspaper I noticed the annualise figures for traffic accidents in my country, Switzerland. There were columns of data which was, although tragic, not of great interest to me. Until I reached the part about pedestrians.

I was horrified to read that 85% of all pedestrian fatalities occurred on pedestrian crossings. Yes, eighty-five percent!

So logically, because of this terrifying statistic I really feel the need to inform you that if you are planning to visit Switzerland, AVOID PEDESTRIAN CROSSINGS.

Much safer it seems (seventy percent in fact) to take your chances on unmarked sections of road. Even if the cars are moving at 120 kilometres per hour, it must be a safer option. I mean, statistics don’t lie, now do they?

Beware The Danger
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One thought on “Beware The Danger

  • 26/03/2011 at 2:42 am

    Yup, statistics don't lie – especially since 41.6 per cent of statistics are made up. Including, of course, this one.

    Does this relate? When I lived in France I was warned not to make eye contact with drivers when I was in a pedestrian crossing. Apparently acknowledging the driver was a signal that you'd seen the car, and so the driver wouldn't bother to stop. The rationale was that you would jump out of the way if you'd seen the car…

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