creativityThere is always a feeling of let down after the completion of a major project. One is so busy and involved for so long that when the time finally arrives to let go, a void develops very quickly and the search is on for a replacement. As my latest book is now out of my hands and is being set free to fend for itself, I am starting my hunt for a new challenge.

While a number of choices have crossed my mind including macramé, knitting, body building, parachuting, molecular cooking, amateur brain surgery and learning to play the oboe have crossed my mind, none of these have really grabbed my imagination. They all seem rather fleeting.

I suppose another book or a new compendium of original music would be the sensible way to go, but I have a feeling of been there, done that about these. There was a period last century when I was pretty handy with canvas, brushes and oils, so maybe I should consider destroying the second bedroom and turn it into a studio come grotto and let my mind and paint splatter run free Pollock style.

Breaking a bit of crockery recently gave me an idea that pottery and ceramics might also be a viable and practical alternative. It’s also a great way to destroy a second bedroom as well.

Then again, maybe this is just the time to enjoy procrastination and wait for a creative bus to just lumber along when it’s good and ready.

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